• Design principles that made Baker Six-Speed Overdrive shift so smooth were applied to create a shift drum/pillow block kit that will bolt onto any cruise drive 6-speed and give super smooth and precise shifting
  • Pillow block included with the kit is machined from 6061-T6 extrusion stock for a significant increase in strength over stock
  • Redundant neutral feature and improved ratchet pawl geometry assist the rider in finding neutral the first time, every time
  • Smoother, positive shifting is achieved by incorporating advanced geometry in the fork pin groves, and the integration of a linear detent bearing on the right side mounting plate
  • Fixed spindle drum design offers lower friction as the drum rotates, reducing the effort required by the rider to complete a shift
  • Easy installation, no need to disassemble the stock gearset from the bearing door, just pull out the stock gearset, and swap out the stock shift drum for the BAKER Smooth Shift Kit Drum. No adjustments are needed for the shift drum, direct bolt in design. Re-uses stock shifter pawl, stock pawl centering pin, shift forks and fork rods
  • N1 shift pattern has 0-down all-up shift pattern and eliminates any possibility of catching neutral on aggressive 1-2 shifts - neutral is below 1st gear
  • Precision machined spindle and drum for the most durable shift drum on the market
  • Gaskets and fasteners included
  • Made in the USA