Hard Drive Full Synthetic Media Oil Filters

    • Media enhancement by M-Pleating, increases Dust Holding Capacity (D.H.C) and reduces pressure drop
    • The zigzag pleating pattern provides more filtration area allowing more dust holding capacity (DHC)
    • Additional filtration area gives the oil more room to flow, resulting in lower pressure drop
    • The media is resin-impregnated to ensure structural integrity during its operation under pressure and temperature spikes Forming tapped thread for easy installation and spin-on
    • Pre-lubricated gasket
    • The gasket is lubed from the factory to aid installation
    • The base plate is covered with shrink film to ensure that the lube stays there until the time of usage and dust protection
    • Standard features plus the following:
    • Heat-resistant Anti-Drainback valve (ADBV)
    • Unlike standard nitrile rubber, silicone rubber has a higher heat-resistance
    • The enhanced ADBV will prevent dry starts and provides durability throughout the extended life of the filter
    • 17mm Hex Nut
    • Easy for service and removal after prolonged usage
    • The nut is designed for safety wire attachment if needed
    • 16 Weld spots for higher nut fatigue strength
    • +30% Gauge thickness for higher burst strength
    • Oval inlet hole for even lower flow resistance